Monday, October 12, 2015

A Birthday Wish

Try to remember the last time you made a birthday wish before blowing out the candles.  What did you wish for?  A pony?  A new toy?  To be able to fly?  To win the lottery?

More than 40 youth and adults from AHUMC volunteered at the Women and Children's Unit at the Presbyterian Night Shelter tonight!  What an amazing evening as we dined together and shared in crafts, bubbles, board games and decorating pumpkins. 

I had the privilege to be a part of a small birthday celebration for a little six year old girl living at the shelter.  There was a small cake, and ice cream melting in this hot October sun.  After we sang Happy Birthday, the birthday girl quickly blew out her candle.  "Wait, wait," said her mother, "You didn't have a chance to make your wish."  "Yes, I did," she replied.  "I wished for a house." 

They all clapped and hugged her.  What a great wish. And a great reminder about what's important.

I pray that her wish comes true.  It does for so many at the Presbyterian Night Shelter.  Shortly after, I had a conversation with a young woman who had dined with us last month.  She said that she wouldn't be seeing me next month as she found a great job and has been approved for housing.  Praise God! 

We may not be able to solve homelessness in Fort Worth with one event, but we're going to be part of the solution.  We can provide a meal, an ear, a shoulder, prayer and compassion. 

Join with me to pray that this little girl gets a home, that Christ is represented by the Five & Two Food Truck, and that, "Thy kingdom come, thy will be done.  On earth as it is in heaven."