Monday, December 4, 2017


During Thanksgiving, we are encouraged to remember what we are thankful for in our lives.  As we enter into Advent, we are encouraged to focus on the hope of the coming Christ child.  Through the Five & Two Food Truck ministry, it is easy to be both thankful and hopeful.  

Each time we go out, the thankfulness and hope that is passed onto us by folks living much difference lives than we is palpable.  Overwhelmingly, the response to "How are you doing today?" is "Blessed, pastor, blessed."  We are doing more than just serving a delicious home-style meal to our friends, we are building relationships and learning from each other what it means to be children of God and followers of Christ. 

I have had the privilege of getting to know many people well at the Presbyterian Night Shelter through our monthly meals there.  One such young man and I developed a friendship that led beyond the shelter and the Five & Two Food Truck.  He and his family went through the program there, and now have their own housing.  He has started high school and each week, my two boys and I pick him up and take him to his art class on Lancaster.  Although he no longer lives there, he still wants to be in the art program to share his gifts with others.  This month, he and his grandmother will go with us to the PNS Women and Children's Unit to serve.  

Transformed lives working on building the Kingdom of God.  Together.  

Christ broke bread and shared meals with a whole range of people during His ministry here on earth, and those meals led to transformed lives.  May we use the hope of this season to be transformed as well, and live out the gospel in all that we do.